Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is about simplicity. We believe that simple food made from high quality ingredients can create flavors that are anything but simple! Indian food has had two things at its core for millennia: flavor and health. But most mainstream Indian food in the US focuses on rich, over-spiced “special occasion” dishes—not particularly healthy, and not that easy to prepare. Easy Indian Seasonings use 100% certified organic ingredients so you can create vibrant Indian meals in a matter of minutes.

It’s Personal

As a crazy busy (or maybe just crazy) mom of two, I decided to bring it back to the basics. A simple way to enjoy delicious Indian food the way it has been enjoyed for millennia-with your health in mind. After learning about unsavory things like lead in Indian food, I decided to jump on the “eat food that doesn’t contain chemicals like lead” bandwagon.

I thought, If yoga comes from India and makes you feel great, shouldn’t Indian cuisine? Unfortunately, a lot of mainstream Indian food is “special occasion” food-rich and greasy. And the non-organic stuff is tainted with pesticides and other yucky stuff-not very yogic.

I hope you enjoy your next meal, the Easy Indian way.


– Pallavi

Yes! It’s Organic!

We only use high-quality, USDA Certified Organic ingredients (that are often fair-trade and Kosher). We also follow USDA practices for organic food. We are gearing up to get our very own certification (we just don’t have it yet because we are so new)! In the words of my own mom, “these spices remind me of the ones Biji (her mom) used to grind from scratch.” So of course it’s great to not add pesticide-laden spices to your meal, but the vibrant colors and delicious flavors are why we hope you’ll come back for more.

We don’t like food that makes you feel blah.

The way we look at it-Indian food comes from the land of Yoga-so it should make you feel as good! Most restaurant Indian food is made in the “special occasion” style-relying on heavy creams and a lot of spices. That’s ok once in a while, but every-day Indian food is about doing what’s right for your health. All the ingredients play a special role-down to the spices. We source fresh spices that come from this year’s harvest. We refuse to use ingredients that have been sitting in a warehouse for years. And because we’re a new small business, you know we’re paying special attention to each seasoning packet we create.

What others say about us

Thank You for making it so easy for me to cook!
I am never using a jar sauce again. This is a way more flavorful way to go.